In just a few steps, you can enter your details, the expected duration and the frequency of cleaning services through our platform. In addition, you determine a price range for what you are comfortable paying to receive cleaning services.
After your booking has been received on our platform, all available cleaners in your area and price range will receive your request with your booking information.

As soon as a cleaner has accepted your request, you will receive an SMS and an e-mail with the booking confirmation as well as the cleaner's contact details. Through this, you can clarify your expectations or special requirements before the first appointment.

The booking of weekly cleaning service (“Weekly Booking”) or once every two weeks cleaning service (“Fortnightly Booking”) does not come with a minimum commitment period.

However, in the event that the customer chooses a recurring cleaning service and wishes to cancel all future bookings without completing at least 5 bookings within 7 weeks (14 weeks for fortnightly), the customer will be charged ad-hoc cleaning rates for all past bookings.

If you would like to try Helpling, we recommend that you book a Once-off appointment first.

 As soon as the service has been carried out, the cleaner informs us and your preferred means of payment will be debited within 3 days.