If you are a new customer, please click here and enter your postcode and required cleaning date, duration, and frequency. You will be presented with a selection of cleaner profiles for your perusal, where you can read customer reviews and cleaner prices.

By clicking on the name you can read further information about the cleaner and deselect the cleaner from your request by clicking on “remove from the shortlist”.

When you select the cleaners' profiles, you automatically determine the price range that you would like to pay for a cleaning. 

The request is then sent out to cleaners in your area with the details of your job, and as soon as a cleaner accepts you will receive an email notification and contact details are exchanged. Prior to the first booking, you will be able to contact your cleaner to discuss any issues or special requirements. 


If you are an existing customer and do not currently have a cleaner, please log-in to your customer account, on your home page click on 'I'd like a new cleaner' to find a new cleaner for a one-off or repeat clean, or click 'Manage This Relationship' and click 'Add a Booking' to request a one-off or repeat clean with a cleaner you've had before.