The cleaning duration depends on the size, furniture, and cleanliness of your home. As a rough estimate: A 55m² flat approximately requires 3 hours of cleaning. For each additional 20m² or an additional bathroom, an extra hour should be added. For an estimate, we encourage you to contact your cleaner and get an estimation.

If you require ironing service, each piece should take on average 3 mins, but the minutes increase as the cleaner iron more clothes. For example the first 10 pieces of ironing will take 30 mins, but the next 10 pieces will probably take 45 mins.

Please keep in mind that those estimations can vary given the dirtiness of the house. We recommend that you to personally instruct your cleaner at the first cleaning and discuss any individual requests.

Please make sure that the cleaner can easily access all areas, otherwise please book additional time for tidying up or preparation.

Intensive cleaning requires booking of additional time, coordination with the cleaner on-site and the supply of required cleaning supplies. We recommend twice the duration of basic cleaning.